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Do you think of bulky, big tools which are impossible to carry in your pocket when talking about professional radios? What if your high quality PMR radio was in portable size?

(47 mm x 81 mm x 23 mm)

Heider Pro5 is only the size of a credit card, so you can carry it in your pocket to anywhere.

g9Robust casing, durable internal structure

Despite its small size, Heider Pro5 will serve you for many years without any wear thanks to its robust casing and aluminium internal parts. You can use this highly splash-resistant product in any bad weather condition, providing you with peace of mind.






High quality soundg8

Especially people working in loud environments know it. Understanding radio communication may get even more complicated than understanding morse code. Having disconnections may become irritating or hinder your work. Heider Pro5’s high quality sound will be the perfect solution to all your problems.







 Voice communication with Vox

Thanks to its voice activated communication feature,  Heider Pro5 offers hands-free usage. Therefore, you can  easily communicate with your friends while doing tasks for  which you have to use both hands.



Available in two different colors g3

Heider Pro5 is available with black and camouflage editions!

Determine your needs and pick your color! Heider PRO5 comply with your needs with it’s black and camo editions. Black is modest, fits every environment and camo is wild, reflects the nature.







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